LinkStore enables you to store and retrieve links easier and Faster

What Can You Do?

Manage Categories

You can add any categories, edit or remove a category and search for any categories from the list.

Manage Topics and Links

You can add any topics ar links,edit or remove a topic or link and search for any topics or links.

Manage Favourites

You can make any link your favourite link, search a link from your favourites and remove any link from your favourites

Our Features


ResponsiveResponsive Layout

LinkStore can be accessed from any sized screen.

Easy Clean GUI

LinkStore has a clean and attractive GUI.

StarMaintaining Favourite Lists

You can create a favourite link lists and maintain the lists easily.

Easy And Many More...

LinkStore is secured, has easy navigation and many others...

Our Team

Shital Babu Luitel

CEO, Ginux Innovation


Shital Babu Luitel

CEO, Ginux Innovation

Aiska Basnet

CEO, Ginux Innovation


Aiska Basnet

CEO, Ginux Innovation

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This video is all about LinkStore. This Video is tutorial describing what LinkStore is? How LinkStore can be benificial? And How To use LinkStore?

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